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Spice Empire Restaurant Menu

Starters £4.90

Lightly spiced crab meat.

Prepared In a sweet, sour and hoc sauce, cooked with lentils.

King Prawns on Puree
lightly spiced king prawns served with puree.

King Prawn Butterfly
Large king prawn, lightly spiced S battered, covered in breadcrumbs then deep Fried, served with green salad & mint yoghurt sauce.

Grilled Garlic King Prawn
Spice empire special

Chingri Mirch
Lightly spiced prawns served in a baked green pepper.

Tikka Chicken Teriyaki
stir fried with mushrooms.

Sheek Roll Kebab
Nan bread with spice minced lamb Filling.

Boti Kebab
Tandoori lamb cubes, stir fried with spices, green peppers & herbs.

Chicken Tikka Paneer
Marinated cubes of chicken, served with cheese.

Chicken Momo
Cooked homestyle in special spices and rolled in puree

Oregano Chicken
Chicken with oregano spices.

Apna Style Tikka (fairly hot)
Marinated chicken cubes cooked with green pepper, onions, tomatoes & spices.

Tandoori Mixed Kebab
Tikka chicken, sheek kebab & tikka lamb. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Prawns on Puree £2.90
Lightly spiced prawns served with puree.

Sheek Kebab

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Chat

Pakura Platter

Somosa Selection

Onion Bhaji

Mulligatawny Soup

Tandoori Specialities £7.90

Chicken Tikka Sashlick
Marinated barbecued chicken, green pepper, tomatoes, onions - cooked on skewers (dry).

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka
Cubed chicken or Lamb, marinated in yoghurt & rare spices, then barbecued in a clay oven.
Tandoori Chicken Half on the bone chicken marinated In yogurt with mixed spices and barbecued In a clay oven.

Tandoori Trout £9.90
Trout marinated in special recepie and barbecued in clay oven

Tandoori Cocktail £10.90
A feast for Tandoori lovers, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka & Sheek Kebab.

Tandoori King Prawn £11.90
King prawns marinated in tandoori sauce and barbecued In a clay oven.

Tandoori Lamb Chops £9.90
Cooked In day oven for mouth watering adventure.

Please note that some dishes may contain nuts.

Chicken Tikka Delicacy £7.90

Cooked with four different kinds of lentils, topped with ginger, onions, lemon, green chilli & corriander.

Cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, corriander, garden mint & tandoori spices.

Sabka Maza
Cooked with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, green chilli Si hot spices - Highly recommended by our chef

Mirchi Massalla
Our chef will special prepare individually - very hot.

Garlic fried chicken, with onions, ginger, tomatoes - special topping of beansprouts, green chilli, peppers & corriander.

A rich flavour dish cooked with almonds, fresh cream, fresh corriander and a mixture of spices (mild).

Chom Chom
Tender chicken with fresh egg, fresh cream and mild spices.

A famous dish, lightly spiced with almonds, served in our special tandoori sauce.

A rare recipe of Kurma, prepared with saffron with our own blend of spices. Highly flavoured.

Preperation of sauce consists of butter, fresh cream, ground almond, coconut & a mixture of mild spices

With fried garlic & ginger, tomatoes, also capsicums and onions in a fairly hot sauce.

Bhuna Mossalla
Cooked with massllo souce, bhuna style.

A popular dish from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. "Satkora" is o citrus fruit which provides a unique flavour to the dish - Medium Spice

In a blend of exotic spices with garlic, ginger, pepper, tomatoes & onion.

Cooked with a fusion of specially prepared spices, peppers, green chilli, and mango chutney.

Deshi Style (Hot & Spicy)
Home Style.

Cooked with Naga chillies a very hot dish.

Balti Dishes

A famous dish from North Pakistan. It is very popular for all occassions We prepare this dish with aromatic spices & rarest recipes available. Our own blend of spices and herbs are oil used - medium strength.

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Balti £7.90
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Balti £8.90
king Prawn Balti £10.90

Chef Special Varieties

King Prawn Dishes £14.90

Mirchi Piaza
A highly flavoured hot & spicy dish, fried green pepper, fried onion fried garlic, fried and fresh chilli and fresh corriander are used to create the flavour - very hot.

King prawns deep fried in special butter sauce, then cooked with fried garlic, onions, tomato and fresh corriander, mild to medium spiced sauce.

Chingri Shim
A traditional homemade style dish. Prepared with oriental spices and fresh herbs, fairly dry in a fairly hot sauce.

Cooked with special blend of appropriate spices, aromatic saffron and fresh herbs. Served with Pilau Rice, Brinjal Bhoji, and Crispy Okra etc.

Venison Dishes £14.90

Chakma Horin
Tender slices of venison marinated in a specially prepared sauce and than cooked in clay oven. Served In a hot sauce.

Shander Horin
Tender slices of venison cooked in a creamy sauce with almonds, splashed with a touch of tia maria.

Fish Dishes £10.90

Deshi Mach Bhaja
Lightly spiced fish, pan fried, served with sweet and sour sauce, pilau rice and seasonal vegetables.

Pangash Masala
Very lightly spiced fish, cooked with onions, green chilli, mustard seed and fresh herbs.
Salmon Zest
Salmon steak pan fried and dressed with citrus fruit & salad.

Chicken Dishes £7.90

Tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated and barbecued over flaming charcoal and then cooked again in a wonderful, subtle creamy sauce. Mild to medium strength.

Lean chicken breast, marinated in the tandoor and cooked again with fresh crushed garlic, ginger, green chilli, coriander, a pinch of sugar, cream and spinach. This dish is of distinctive colour, hence the name Horiali (green).

Duck Dishes £8.90

Imlindar Misti Hansh
Lean slices of duck breast cooked with tamarind and honey in mild sauce.

Jhal Jhool Honsh
Breast of duck cooked in a spicy sauce, very hot. fl traditional Bangladeshi curry.

Lamb Dishes £8.90

Dil Pasand
A delectable lamb dish with a slightly creamy texture and a wonderfully nutty flavour derived from roasted and grounded poppy seeds.

Chef's Choice exclusive Lamb Dish £14.90
A special cut of spring lamb cooked in a method of a traditional manner as to preserve the flavour & authenticity of the dish. It is a dish full of flavour and pleasantly aromatic and of medium strength.

Authentic Dishes

All dishes can be cooked with a choice of chicken, meat, vegetables, prawns, tikka chicken, lamb tikka or king prawn

King Prawns £2 extra, Tikka £1 extra

Plain Curry £5.90
A basic range of oriental spices in a medium strength

A greater proportion of hot spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness - from madras, india

Traditionally a very hot curry, with hot spices, not suitable for everyone

Bhuna £6.90
The word 'Bhuna' means to fry, this dish needs particular care & attention during frying.

Do Piaza
More then the usual quantity of onions are used to prepare this dish and fried briskly with spices. The name itself suggests the quantity of onions required

Rogan Josh
This dish consists of quite a variety of spices but these are toned down by using a large quantity of tomatoes

Smooth & fresh in taste - cashew nuts, banana & fresh cream are added to give the flavour

A unique flavour, banana, pineapple & fresh cream. Very mild & creamy

Coconut, sultanos & fresh cream are used to create the flavour & creamy texture

A combination of two or three types of lentils. Slices of pineapple and lemon juices are added to give a sweet & sour flavour - fairly hot

Sri Lanka
Cooked with coconut in a thick sauce fairly hot spices are used to create the flavour

A combination of fried & Fresh garlic, mixture of spices, onions & fresh coriander

Preperation of medium spices with mixed vegetables, garlic & corriander

Prepared with fresh beans & gently cooked with fried garlic in a medium sauce

Spinach cooked smoothly with garlic, onion & fresh corriander. Fairly dry & medium hot.

Cooked with medium spices, sweet and sour using tomato puree and lentlis

Bhuna style cooked with methi.

Vegetarian Specials £5.95

Karai Chole (Chick Peas)
Sabji Bahar
Aloo Begun
Dal Samba
Panir Tikka Malai

Biryani Dishes

A combination of a special blend oF spices fried with basmati rice and a drier consistency to that of a curry. Served with a special curry.

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani £7.90
Chicken Mushroom Regato
(massalla sauce) £8.90
King Prawn Biryani £10.90
Kachi Biryani £11.90

Vegetable Side Dishes

Palok Paneer
Combination of spinach & cheese, gently spiced.

Aloo Gobi Massalla
A delightful combination of potato and cauliflower - medium spiced.

Palok Aloo
Spinach & potato.

Mushroom Piaza
Fried garlic, cooked with onions & mushrooms.

Dal Massalla
Spicy lentils fried with garlic in Deshi style.

Chef's Favourite Bhaji
Mushroom, potato spinach, peas & own blend of spices.

Bindu Piaza
Okra, gently cooked with onions and mixed spices.

Bombay Aloo

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji
A combination of various vegetables.

Chana Bhaji
Chick peas dry and spicy.

English Dishes
Served with chips and salad

1/2 Roast Chicken £6.90

Chicken / Prawn / Mushroom Omelet £6.90

Scampi Meal £6.90

Chicken Nugget Meal £6.90

Sirloin Steak £6.90

Nan & Roti £2.50

Plain Nan
Keema Nan
Tikka Nan
Peshwari Nan
Garlic Nan
Egg Nan
Garlic Chilli Keema Nan
Stuffed Paratha
Moglai Paratha
Chapati £1.00
Puree £1.00

Rice Dishes £2.90

Basmati Pilau Rice
Vegetable Pilau
Nut Pilau
Garlic Pilau
Special Fried Rice
Mushroom Pilau
Keema Pilau
Basmati Boiled Rice £2.50


Papadom £0.60
(yogurt) £0.60
Chips £1.90
Spiced Papadom £0.60
(Trau) £1.90

Set Meals

Set Meal For 2 Person £32.90

2 Popadoms & Pickle Tray
Starter: Mix Starters
Main Course: Chicken Balti Karai & Dil Pasand
Side: Sabji Bahar
Rice: Any 2 Rice - Nan: 1 Nan Bread

Ser Meal for 4 Person £69.90

4 Popadoms & Pickle Tray
Mix Starters
Main Course: Shalli Gosht Lamb, Chicken Deshi Style, Chicken Tikka Masala & King Prawn Mazedar
Side: Bandi Piaza & Dal Masala
Rice: Any 2 Rice Nan: 2 Nan Bread